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First bluegrass and country music festival in Bulgaria!

First bluegrass and country music festival in BulgariaThe weekend of the 29th and 30th June brought both excitement and happy memories for Bulgaria’s bluegrass and country music scene. The country hosted its first festival – “Country West Fest”! it took place at the American pub “Saloon” in the town of Bankya, near the capital Sofia.

Visitors enjoyed an outdoor concert on Saturday in the sunshine, with performances by Lilly of the West (bluegrass/swing), Kaliana (country-folk), Tony Serkedjiev (blues/rock and roll) and Anatoli Iliev (trad. country).

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The Porchlight Sessions

I am producing a Bluegrass documentary based out of Los Angeles and Nashville called 'The Porchlight Sessions' and we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the film. If you'd like to check out a trailer for the film, you can follow this link:

New album

Lilly DrumevaDear all,

My new album “Lovin’you” is out now. It was recorded in 2 countries – Bulgaria & Czech Republic, with “Monogram” & “Lilly of the West”. It will be available through “CD Baby” on my new website very soon: http://www.lillydrumeva.net/. There you may hear sound clips, get photos and more info. A video to the song “If I needed you” (with Jakub Racek) will be featured there soon. In the meantime, please write to me with your address, for a copy of the new album. I have attached some info.

All the best,
Lilly Drumeva
Lilly of the West

Lilly of the West together with Radim Zenkl (CZ) and Lubos Malina (CZ)

For two concerts Lilly of the West teamed up with special guests from the Czech Republic. Mandolin virtuoso Radim Zenkl , who has been living in California for 20 years, together with long time friend – master banjoist Lubos Malina. Both have a passion for Bulgarian folk music and attended workshops in specific Bulgarian instruments such as the “Kaval”.

On the 17th and 18th of March Zenkl and Malina joined Lilly’s band at their shows in “Tea House” on St. Patrick’s day and on “SKAT TV”. Together they presented a mixture of bluegrass, country, Irish and Bulgarian folk music. Lilly’s band featured Yasen Vassilev on guitar, Ivan Penchev on fiddle and Borislav Bojadjiev on percussion.

Highlights of the program were two Bulgarian songs, performed in unusual beats, such as 7/8 and 11/16, which Malina and Zenkl mastered well. Future plans have been made between the musicians to create a repertoire of bluegrass with Bulgarian rhythms

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